The team of the Association is ambitious and active young dentists who make dentistry in Russia more accessible and interesting on their own. 


IDA team is not only the leadership of the Association, but also a large number of our coordinators in the cities , and with them an asset, thanks to which we successfully carry out useful and important projects in the Central part of Russia and in the regions. Moreover, our branches are in Kazakhstan and Armenia.


For the Association team, activity in IDA is not a job or a hobby , it is a way of life!

"Being President of IDA means working with a great team that understands everything. Perhaps that is why all the projects of the Association are interesting and well-coordinated!"

President of IDA

Virabova Inna I.

""I work with all media content of the Association.  Love impossible challenges and creative solutions"

Head of Media department of IDA

Golovin Nikita S.


"I am responsible for the activities of branches outside Russia"

International cooperation

Maryam Al-Bataineh